• “Cool weather, sunny and no wind. Perfect...except I'm overheating”

    FitClerk teaches which apparel is best suited by synchronizing:

    • Weather conditions
    • Clothing apparel
    • Exercise activity
  • “Matching clothes to weather is a science and I am not a scientist”

    • FITCLERK APPAREL RECOMMENDATION logic searches database for similar weather conditions
    • Transfers apparel selection to new activity log
    • Reduces time to identify clothes
    • Premium subscription show other user's apparel selection
  • “I want to ride but I have a slight problem”

    FitClerk Asset Management tracks:

    • Current Age (mi, kms, hrs)
    • Reliability
    • Maintenance
  • “The doctor does not know why my body hurts”

    FitClerk Asset Management benefits:

    • Monitor status of any valuable item (shoes, bikes etc.)
    • Life expectancy awareness
    • Purchase date & Vendor tracking
    • Schedule reminders and Tasks

About Us

Established in 2016... 

FitClerk Software is a multi-sport fitness tracking software application used to record exercise results, local weather, apparel worn, footwear and equipment per workout.  Maintenance and age tracking for exercise equipment and footwear are included.  Beginners to professionals benefit by recording this data in 7-10 minutes.

FitClerk Software is designed for PC/Laptops and operates via browser such as Explorer, Chrome and Mozilla.  Mobile app development is underway.


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How It Works

Users match apparel to local weather conditions and track age of exercise equipment & work out gear. Equipment maintenance tracking, apparel record keeping, exercise performance logging, expense monitoring and goal visualization are included.

Subscription offers

Subscribe To A Plan



Premium Plan includes access to all exercises, apparel tracking, FitClerk Apparel Recommendation, equipment maintenance, expense tracking and goal visualization. Allows viewing of other user apparel selection based on gender.




Basic Plan includes access to all exercises, apparel tracking, equipment maintenance and expense management. No access to apparel recommendation functionality, goal tracking, import/export data or viewing other user apparel selections.


FitClerk Free 30 Day Trial

1 month

Trial Plan offers Basic Plan functionality. Includes access to all activities, apparel tracking, asset maintenance, expense management and goal visualization.


Activities Available

FitClerk Software was designed for running, bicycling and walking but the functionality applies to several exercise activities and much more!

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